About Me

Born and brought up in Nagpur, Harleen is an MBA by education. With the dreams of a lucrative corporate career in Advertising, she began her journey but, like always, life had other plans. Bored of the mundane routine, she gave up on her dream of being a corporate slave and ventured into writing.

Writing didn’t happen by fluke. As they say, it is a practiced art and Harleen has been practicing it for more than half her life. She’s been an amateur poet since the age of 12. The distant, after retirement dream, became the bread-earning profession for her. Besides carving fictional stories, she loves to play with emotions and does so eloquently in her poems/verses which she writes in English, Urdu, Hindustani and Punjabi.

Her love for sports especially cricket makes the other half of her life. If she isn’t writing, she surely is sitting in front of a TV set and cheering for India.

Harleen Vij - Writer . Poet