Indifferent Love

Indifferent Love

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He watched an ice cube melt over her navel. She quivered, watching him, as water trickled down. He moved closer and made circles around with his tongue making her let out a soft moan.

He moved over her straddling himself on her thighs. He held onto her hands as he bent down over her navel. The ice cube kept melting. Water kept trickling down her curves making her tickle with passion. He let out a warm breath over the navel and drank the melted water from the goblet of her navel. He poured a drop of red wine into her. Savoring both, her navel and wine, he moved his hands over her bosom.

He cupped her bosom while savoring wine from her navel. She tried to curl her legs but he stretched straight on her holding her legs with his’. She let out a pleasurable moan. He kept licking at her navel. She began to plead, she was being tortured albeit pleasurably. He made her helpless with holding her hands and legs.

He began moving upward leaving a trail of intoxicated kisses from her navel to the bosom. He stopped, looked up into her eyes, gave a notorious smile and bit on her left areola. She screamed, in pain and desire. He crushed her nipple between his teeth, mercilessly. She cried a moan until he began caressing it with his lips, softly.

He moved his hand over her right bosom while playing with his tongue over the left one. Squeezing and stroking one, sucking and licking the other one. She trembled under him. She moved her free arm on his back sliding downwards to his buttocks. She spanked him taking him by surprise. He stiffened and froze when she spanked him, harder, the second time. He let out an astonished moan. A moan that told how much he loved the surprise.
She winked at him. He smiled back as he bent down and locked lips. He kissed her slow. Very slow. She moved her hands over his back, gently, making circles with her tender fingers. She moved them down on his buttocks and pressed him towards herself. He smiled on her lips knowing precisely what she meant. It was time to go down. Her libidinous demons were waiting to be exorcised.

He broke the kiss and began sliding down. On the way he kissed her on chin, moved further down to her neck where he left a trail of wet kisses. Onto her bosom where he said a wet hello to both. A kiss on her cleavage, a run for the tongue between that. He moved down to her belly. His hands resting on her love handles. His lips kissing every inch of her skin. He stopped at the navel and played with it for a while before sucking it. He moved to her lower abdomen, just above her paradise. He drew a line across the area with his tongue kissing slowly all around. At last, he came to her paradise, looked up at her, gave a smile and let out a warm breath over it.

A loud ring distracted him. He turned around and saw the deafeningly ringing alarm clock by the bedside. He shifted in his bed only to realize he was dreaming, dreaming about the lost intimacy between them. She sat across the bed tying her hair into a bun. Her curvy silhouette against the morning sun made him crave for her. He stayed still in his side of the bed. She stood up, without turning back to him, and disappeared in the bathroom. He laid in bed with his dreamy eyes on the ceiling reminiscing the mornings when she used to wake him up with kisses. He let out a loud sigh and turned his back to the bathroom.
The breakfast table felt more like an obligation than family time. Their home was devoid of laughter. Neither of them smiled. They had grown ignorant of each other’s presence in their lives, at least they pretended to do so when left within the confines of their home.
He never felt as guilty as he did today morning for that fateful night. The memory of that night was still fresh as a dew in his life. That was the night their relationship took an unpleasant turn.

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Ravish and Namita invited envious gaze from everybody around them. They were a couple who redefined marriage with love. Their love for each other grew deeper with every passing day until that fateful night at a colleague’s house party to celebrate Ravish’s phenomenal success in the company over a very short span of time. Rumours about Ravish’s sexual favors to their boss were rife but Namita had downplayed them all this while until that cold December night.

That cold December night

The celebrations were loud with music & dance and alcohol & food. The extravagant show of finesse in every department could barely  miss an eye. Everybody was high in and on spirits dancing all night. Post 2 am, Namita felt exhaustingly tipsy and went upstairs, away from the hullabaloo, in search of a place to relax. She turned to the first room to the left and collapsed on the bed.

The door banged open, at around 3 am, waking Namita from her drunk nap. She could barely manage to open her eyes. Her head was heavy and tizzy. Her vision blurred with sleep. But, her pupils dilated and vision cleared when she saw Ravish in a passionate lip lock with his boss, Mr. Das.

She froze in bed with eyes wide open in astonishment. Her heart stopped beating. She couldn’t fathom what she was witnessing. She knew she was neither dreaming nor hallucinating. It was Ravish and Mr. Das, in the act, caught unawares. Breathless, she witnessed the homosexual act of his husband with his boss from under the comforter in that dimly lit bedroom.

Mr. Das’s fingers were caressing Ravish’s neck and his hands were traveling down into the backside of Mr. Das’s pants whilst their tongues were rummaging each other’s mouth. Ravish pushed Mr. Das towards him. Mr. Das let out a moaning laugh. Ravish undid Mr. Das’s fly and went down on him. Namita didn’t want to believe what she was seeing but she didn’t have a choice. She couldn’t react. She laid numb in that bed witnessing it all.

Ravish cupped Mr. Das’s cullion and kissed at his tip. Slowly, he moved Mr. Das into his mouth whilst Mr. Das enjoyed the pleasure with closed eyes, loud moans and pulling onto Ravish’s hair. A few minutes later, Ravish stood up and undid his fly. His pants dropped down pooling around his feet. He then turned around and bent over for his boss. Mr. Das spanked him as he moaned aloud. Mr. Das moved a finger between his butt crack before plunging into him. Namita closed her eyes and wept uncontrollably before mustering courage to stand up and confront Ravish.

This day

Ravish wanted to apologize to her for everything he did but couldn’t dare speak a word. She sipped coffee while glancing through her newspaper. She stood up and walked towards the main door. She turned back towards him as she opened the door. He waited with bated breath for her to speak something. She did. She said, ‘Today’s the last day,’ and moved out closing the door behind her.  

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