Train Journey from My Wildest Imagination

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Travelling was her first love and photography second, the reason for Kaira Sinha to opt travel-photography as her mainstream career option. She didn’t like the idea of traveling by flights. Meeting strangers and getting to know them was her hobby. Hence she preferred traveling by train despite the long hours. She had a long list of ‘Train Friends’, the people whom she befriended on a train journey.

This time around she was traveling to the pink city- Jaipur. Unlike her other train journeys, she wasn’t happy about this one the moment she boarded the train. It was over crowded due to the holiday season and with many passengers traveling on RAC and Waiting List reservation tickets. Something that’s unavoidable about Indian Railways!

Kaira was allotted the side upper berth which she was happy about until she reached her berth and found a Gujarati auntie sitting on the lower berth with whom she had a scuffle later while arranging her medium sized backpack. The whole of the luggage area beneath the berth was occupied by auntie’s luggage and to add to Kiara’s irritation, half of the lower berth was also taken! After a few harsh words Kiara adjusted her backpack below the lower berth. She caught a guy staring right into her cleavage that was visible from her unbuttoned crimson coloured chiffon top. She glared into his eyes and buttoned up her top.

The second good thing about travelling by train was that she found plenty of time to read and since she was already irritated, she preferred spending time with a book. The guy from the next compartment kept staring at her on all the wrong places. She caught him looking at her breasts. He tried to look away. He was lean, bespectacled with beard and moustache. His hair was thick and black that fell flawlessly onto his shoulders. She tried to look away from him when she saw him caressing his crotch while staring at her breasts. She tried to ignore and got herself busy with her book. Suddenly she felt her nipples tighten and she cursed herself for her desires being aroused. She tried to ignore the needs of her body and the guy for rest of the day.

The clock ticked 10 ‘o’ clock when she planned to retire for the day. She arranged her bedding and climbed up to her berth. She noticed the guy staring at her ass as his hand carelessly caressed his crotch. Her muscles south to her body clenched. She felt her nipples tightening again. She hesitated and rushed to lie down before her desires could unveil shamelessly in front of him. The drawn curtains made her feel safer and helped in keeping her sane.

She busied herself with the book again. He kept peeping at her berth in a hope to find a hint. Her reading light kept him waiting but in vain. After a while she closed the book and turned off the reading light. The day flashed in front of her as she closed her eyes. All of a sudden she saw that guy’s face and her eyes opened, startled she looked around to make sure he wasn’t there. She heaved a sigh of relief on knowing it was just an illusion. To make sure, she raised the curtains and peeped to find nobody around. She went off to sleep.
He caught her peeping from below the curtains. He took it as a cue. The idea made him uncomfortable in his underpants. He planned and waited.

A little while later, everything around felt silent. People went off to sleep. The darkness took over.
Kiara felt a hand slid under her blanket from below the curtains scaring the shit out of her until it reached for her right breast and caressed it. She liked the caress on her breast and thought to play along. She lay still for a few minutes then turned to face towards the curtains to give room to the hand. The hand, alarmed, moved out when she caught it and placed it on her bosom. This time it was her bare bosom. The hand played around more fearlessly this time around. A few seconds later another hand appeared. The hands caressed her breasts gently. She wanted more. Her desires were unfurled.

“Suck them.” She ordered. The hands froze. Her heart thumped at her own audacity. Hands lay frozen on her bosom for a minute then the curtains rose and a face appeared. It was that guy from the next compartment but without his spectacles. He smiled at her. She moved forward and offered her breasts. “Suck,” she said again. He grabbed her right breast with his teeth. He licked them like a child licks sugar candy. He rolled his tongue over her nipple. She moved his hand over her other breast. He grabbed the nipple between his index finger and thumb and squeezed it gently while his tongue pleasantly tormented her other nipple.

She was oozing between her legs. She started caressing her vagina. She couldn’t take it anymore. Holding back looked like a herculean task now. “Climb up” she uttered even before she realized. His eyes popped. He gulped a lump down his throat. “Climb up” she reassured.

The next moment he was on top of her. Their bodies touching, tongues fighting and hands entangled. His crotch rubbed over her vagina. He was hard as steel. She oozed at his touch and lowered her pants and undid his fly. He loved the way she commanded him to proceed further. He moved down on her and impatiently filled her up in an instant with a jerk. She opened her mouth to let out a moan but he locked lips with hers for their good. She opened her eyes wide and let out a moan into his mouth.

He thrust until they panted. “What a difficult one you are!” He whispered. She blushed and pinned her nails into his back moving down to his ass. She spanked and said, “Make me tremble. Will you?” He looked at her with astonishment. “Please” she added. His thrusts gained momentum until she moaned mutely. He fell down upon her after filling her up with his cum, “This is the train journey from my wildest imagination” he said as both of them chuckled. 

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