Value of Love

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Love is a highly misused word in today’s century. People seldom understand the depth & meaning of love. Love has many facets & meanings. Meaning of love changes in every phase of life. For a child, mother’s hug is love; for a teenager, having a partner is love; for an adolescent, having commitment is love & for an old person, companionship is love.
 Love is multifarious. Every facet has something to give, as love always gives. Understanding love takes a lot of time. As the old saying goes, “A lost thing is cherished even more.”  Same is with love. One realizes the value of love after it’s lost and loss paves way for regret and regretting anything is futile.
Love is the most cherish-able feeling in the world. Expressing and communicating are the two most important aspects in keeping love intact. Taking love for granted is a very common trait these days. True love has faded away. Meaning of love has changed enormously. In olden days love used to be timeless and these days love has become time-pass.
Valuing a person in his presence is sensible than loosing him and then realizing his worth. The moment is now and it will never come back again. Letting go off a valuable thing is utter foolishness. Express your feelings before its too late.

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